Summer Graduate Internship

The application period for the 2023 Summer Graduate Internship is now closed.
Please visit this site in Spring 2024 for the 2024 Summer Graduate Internship application.

The Center for Measurement Justice (CMJ) offers a grant that provides students studying the field of educational assessment and/or measurement a one-time, $10,000 grant to perform research within their respective field. Grant recipients are paired with faculty mentors that meet one of the following criteria: (a) belong to racial and ethnic groups historically underrepresented in educational measurement; (b) be a critical scholar (with respect to social justice) whose interests align with the social justice projects or research of one of CMJ’s faculty mentors.  Must be available for 8-10 weeks during the summer months for a maximum of 40 hours/week. 

The process for applying for the CMJ Summer Internship Program is outlined below. 


To apply for the program, interested students must complete an application form on the CMJ website by March 20, 2023. The application should include a brief (200-250 word) description of the student’s research interest(s), a curriculum vitae or résumé, and a graduate school transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable). All application materials should be uploaded to the application form as one document.  


After the application process is complete, students are selected by a mentor, notified, and paired with their mentor. The students and mentors must sign the CMJ Summer Internship Agreement before the student’s start date. During the program, students are required to submit a midpoint report to CMJ using a Google form, as well as a summary report of their research project at the end of the program before receiving their second installment of the grant. 


The first payment of $5,000 will be issued at the start of the internship, and the second payment will be issued after the successful completion of the program. Students are required to write a summary of tasks performed, have it signed by their mentor, and submit it to CMJ prior to the final payment being made. While not required, award recipients are encouraged to share their insights as a feature on CMJ’s website. 

The internship application timeline is as follows: 

Highlights from 2023 Summer Internship Experiences

“The exposure to real-world research and hands-on involvement in the projects has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the subject matter and sharpen my skills in practical applications. I am truly grateful for these opportunities to learn and grow under your mentorship.”
Dr. David Baidoo-Anu

“At times, as the only Chicana in my academic program it has felt lonely and isolating, but being part of this program reminds me I am not alone. It has been beautiful to build relationships with my peers… Not only has [my mentor] helped me grow as an educational measurement/assessment researcher and evaluator, but she has also nourished my self-confidence. I feel blessed to have her in my corner as a mentor. My only wish was that I had had her much earlier in my academic career, but I am sure she stepped into my life at just the right moment.”
Daniela Cardoza

“I had the opportunity to learn about various research methodologies related to bisquare estimation while building a solid foundation in the aspects of conducting research. I honed my research skills by critically evaluating existing literature to develop problem-solving abilities. Additionally, I enhanced my ability to communicate complex ideas more clearly and concisely. This journey was marked by tight deadlines and multiple tasks, and I gained valuable insights on how to manage my time more efficiently by prioritizing tasks to meet research milestones. In essence, this summer internship has been a profound learning experience that has equipped me with foundational knowledge to succeed in my future research pursuits and personal growth.”
Claudia Ventura

March 2023

Complete application form posted on the CMJ website

March 20, 2023

Closing date for applications

March 20-31, 2023

Application review and selection

April 5, 2023

Chosen students are notified of their selection, pairing, and given further details of the program's guidelines and requirements

April 14, 2023

Deadline to accept internship offer

June 30, 2023

Midpoint report due

August 1, 2023

Summary report and proof of completion due to CMJ

August 10, 2023

Second payment issued to student

Application Information

To apply for the Internship, applicants should:

        1. Complete application form, which includes a brief (200-250 word) description of research interest(s) 
        2. Submit via email as one document 
          • curriculum vita or résumé 
          • graduate school transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable)

Applications materials should be uploaded in the application form. 

Final application deadline is March 20, 2023 at 11:59pm EST. 

For more information, contact us.

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