Working to achieve social justice through educational measurement

We support young critical scholars in educational measurement

We support research on socially just assessment and measurement

We support field leaders to bring anti-racist measurement to their work


We aim to bring antiracist assessment and measurement practices to all learners across the nation. Our work is to inspire, prepare, and support a critical mass of measurement professionals and partners as they work towards a socially just assessment and measurement system.


Video: Moving Towards Justice-Oriented Assessment

In this Provocation for the field, Jennifer Randall introduces racism and antiracism in educational assessment. Dr. Randall argues that culturally neutral or non-racist tests do not exist. Rather, the words ‘neutral’, ‘normal’, or ‘typical’ are all pseudonyms for...

Disrupting White Supremacist Validation Practices

The authors propose a justice-oriented, antiracist validity framework designed to disrupt assessment practices that (re) produce racism through the uncritical promotion of white supremacist hegemonic practices. They describe a set of heuristics organized around a...

Color-Neutral is Not a Thing

In this article, Jennifer Randall argues that it is not possible to build race-neutral and cultural-neutral tests, and what the field thinks of as race-neutral actually represents whiteness masquerading as neutrality. She provides a heuristic for interrogating the...